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Final Post – Major Project Journey

Wow, this has been quite a fantastic journey. Not only have I developed skills to share with my students and colleagues, but my knowledge base has also grown to be a confident parent, specifically in this area. I used Twitter during the pandemic for my classroom, but that was the degree of my technology experience.Continue reading “Final Post – Major Project Journey”

WeVideo Classroom

It was great to push in and support the middle years’ classroom and teach them how to use WeVideo and WeVideo Classroom. WeVideo Classroom can be connected to google classroom, and teachers can create as many classes as they wish. I enjoyed that the students could be engaged through this platform and discover a creativeContinue reading “WeVideo Classroom”

Major Project – Let’s Keep the Conversations Going

Normalizing conversations around Digital Citizenship has become a priority throughout my personal and professional life. I am discovering how there is some common knowledge around terms such as technology, wifi, data, computer, iPad, fake news, social media, chat rooms, and online. The overarching theme, ‘digital citizenship,’ seemed missing throughout the conversations. As I discussed andContinue reading “Major Project – Let’s Keep the Conversations Going”

Major Project Update – WeVideo – Re-engaging Students

Working alongside middle years students is a new venture for me. However, relationships are key and as a responsive teacher, it can be difficult to build new lessons when the relationship hasn’t been built. Working alongside these students, it was apparent how quickly their projects came to life through WeVideo.

Major Project Update

Following Willie Ermine’s presentation yesterday, I sent out a quick Mentimeter question for the staff to respond to. I realize this may be a tool that people are already familiar with, however, for me, I had never used it and definitely see the purpose. Here are the responses so far…. Easy and Engaging Intentional andContinue reading “Major Project Update”

Major Project – Sharing Knowledge Through Connections

Monday, March 14th -Friday, March 18th Action: Willie Ermine guest presentation – ” Interconnectdness – wahkotowin” Storytelling through oral language is a beautiful way for people to connect and engage in Indigenous Worldview.  All students will share in Willie Ermine’s knowledge and reflect on their thoughts and feelings following the presentaiton. Primary – Talking CircleContinue reading “Major Project – Sharing Knowledge Through Connections”

Major Project – Primary Students

Action Steps Lesson 2: Safety in My Online Neighborhood from Common Sense Education Sharing in student discussions has opened up my eyes and brought me to a better understanding of what is needed in schools. As I was listening to the students talk it is evident that in some situations students have too much freedomContinue reading “Major Project – Primary Students”

Trying and Teaching Technology

This past week I began teaching grades 1 and 2 about digital citizenship. This is a very broad and contextualized term for grade 1 and 2 students, so I began creating lessons and supports for both the students and teachers, in hopes that it will initiate and guide some conversations for teachers to be ableContinue reading “Trying and Teaching Technology”

Major Project Update….Try and Teach

This week I will be focussing on specific Digital Citizenship lessons within the building support. I am introducing Digital Citizenship and Literacy to the primary grades and expect to enjoy many conversations and learning with the students. As an educator, actively teaching the knowledge I have learned will authentically engage the students and help myContinue reading “Major Project Update….Try and Teach”

The Evolution of my Major Project

Listening to Dr. Ribble share and learning about digital citizenship and a “New Space” continuously prompted me to deepen my understanding of digital citizenship.  The Progression Chart of the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship, clearly identifies the process that students can be educated in. Drawing on Dr. Ribble’s notion of Digital Citizenship, as a society, we mustContinue reading “The Evolution of my Major Project”