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WeVideo Classroom

It was great to push in and support the middle years’ classroom and teach them how to use WeVideo and WeVideo Classroom. WeVideo Classroom can be connected to google classroom, and teachers can create as many classes as they wish. I enjoyed that the students could be engaged through this platform and discover a creative outlet they may not have known existed. This is an excellent addition to WeVideo and is highly user-friendly. See below for a quick demo if you are interested.

Benefits of implementing WeVideo

  • Collaborative- connected to students as it is a board-approved application
  • Engaging- offers students a tool that provides stock videos, pictures, music, and a text feature that can convey their ideas.
  • User Friendly- step by step instructions
  • Differentiated- provides opportunities for students to orally share their ideas, narrate stories, and creatively engage in their learning.
  • Creative outlet-allows students who may be reluctant to re-engage in learning
  • Regina Public School Board Approved Apps – free to use and approved for safety and security.
  • Students Reflections

Student 1 – “I felt comfortable reading my stories.”

Student 2 – “It was easy to drag pictures into the row.”

Student 3 -” I wasn’t bored doing my assignment.”

Student 4 – ” I didn’t know I was creative until I used this tool.”



Published by Kola

I am a response teacher in Regina, Saskatchewan on Treaty 4 Territory.

4 thoughts on “WeVideo Classroom

  1. Hi Kola! Thanks for the demo on WeVideo! I have started to play around with it and am excited to use it with students in the future. It may take me some practice to discover all the different options to create a video. Do you know if you can make a video with the iPads?


  2. I also enjoyed using wevideo and found that once you navigate it a couple times it is so user friendly and interactive. Great work on this Kola, your students seem to really have enjoyed this tool and are lucky to have you supplement their learning outcomes with fun and engaging activities with digital media!


    1. Hi Cymone, I loved your Summary of Learning, by the way! Great overview of all of our learning. I loved your tik tok; they were so relevant and fun! I do find the students enjoyed the creative outlet as a new variation to their assignments.


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