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Major Project – Let’s Keep the Conversations Going

Normalizing conversations around Digital Citizenship has become a priority throughout my personal and professional life. I am discovering how there is some common knowledge around terms such as technology, wifi, data, computer, iPad, fake news, social media, chat rooms, and online. The overarching theme, ‘digital citizenship,’ seemed missing throughout the conversations. As I discussed and asked what is digital citizenship to Grade 3/4 students, they were familiar with some of the terms and were curious to learn more. Common Sense Education shares some excellent tools that I shared with the students and helped initiate our conversations. Common Sense Education has some great information on, This is Me, which allows depicting our identity online and offline. Sharing these videos and having these conversations with children will build context and create a safe place to discuss.

Spring School Book Club – Our school has been very responsive to our discussions around digital citizenship and media literacy. We will be a spring book talk on Mike Ribble and Marty Parks’ book, Digital Citizenship Handbook for School Leaders. The students are gaining some knowledge in this area, and I’m thankful the teachers are on board to start engaging in these conversations. As a team, we can learn together and create new learning opportunities.


Published by Kola

I am a response teacher in Regina, Saskatchewan on Treaty 4 Territory.

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