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Major Project – Primary Students

Action Steps

Lesson 2: Safety in My Online Neighborhood from Common Sense Education

  • Sharing in student discussions has opened up my eyes and brought me to a better understanding of what is needed in schools.
  • As I was listening to the students talk it is evident that in some situations students have too much freedom on the internet, many don’t check in with an adult and applying the digital elements may not always transfer.
  • I asked the grade 3 students to brainstorm what an online neighborhood would look like.
  • Their responses varied but the vocabulary needs to be build on. Therefore a common language should be intentionally taught.
  • Supporting Resouces: Slides – Common Sense Education
  • Student Response Sheet: Online Safety Please Note: The concept is adopted from Common Sense Education and template design created by myself.
Se Link

Next Step…

  1. Willie Ermine will be sharing a presentation for our school this week. This is amazing!
  2. Staff and Students will participate in a mentimeter activity following the presentation (first time using mentimeter).
  3. Middle years students will learn how to use WeVideo and reflect on Willie Ermines presentation.
  4. WeVideo offers a differentiated approach for students to share their thought process. It offers students a comfortable approach to sharing in a creative way. Stay tuned….

Published by Kola

I am a response teacher in Regina, Saskatchewan on Treaty 4 Territory.

2 thoughts on “Major Project – Primary Students

    1. Hi Kelly, I feel the primary students know how to navigate the tools more than I do, although I am developing more confidence. I am curious how middle years will respond to WeVideo. I would love to be a fly on the wall in your classroom…haha! I feel like the tools I’ve used differentiate the learning for the students. I haven’t worked at all in middle years, so this Thursday will be my first time. I will keep you posted. The students all are able to access the tools at school, however in some communities, as you know, the students don’t have access to the internet.


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