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Major Project Ideas- WeVideo Classroom

As Covid hit our world, our education systems and families were disrupted to a whole new level.  As a passionate educator, pivoting into an unfamiliar realm, the technology world, which was out of my comfort zone, was going to be a new learning venture. 

I had a strong colleague, Aaron Warner, that was always willing to help me dive into technology and challenge my thinking and teaching practice.  I began teaching my Grade 3 units through an Inquiry based approach which allowed for critical thinking and an invitation for my students to engage in their own learning journey. 

During supplemental learning, I began creating WeVideos for my classroom and really started to develop this online tool as additional background information for my lessons.  I found it extremely easy to use and the students and families loved the videos. Here are some WeVideos that I created in collaboartion with Jeff Cappo. Additionally, I enjoyed using WeVideo for my grad classes as we participated online.  It allowed me to express my learning in a unique and creative way. Here is the introduction to a project I created using the The Seven Sacred Teachingsas my overall framework. hiy hiy

PLease click on the link if you would like to take a listen to an older project that I created using WeVideo.

WeVideo has recently launched WeVideo Classroom that I would like to learn more about as part of my final project.  We have access to this tool through our division.  I am really interested in learning the new features they have developed and I think this would be fun to delve into.

Check out the new features of WeVideo Classroom

Additionally, I would like to critically analyze the apps that we have access to through our division.  We have access to ipads for our students with a variety of learning apps. I would like to take time to explore the apps in further detail and uncover the benefits each app has. As a learning response teacher, I feel having a deeper understanding of these in school apps would enable me to reach some of the families that perhaps need to be re-engaged into the classroom. Rarely teachers have time to see what apps are on our classroom idpas and the benefits to student learning. When I was a classroom teacher my students frequently used Seesaw, Raz-Kids, Epic Books and Matheletics. I enjoyed these apps, however I would like to look further into the benefits of all the apps we have access to through our division. As a mother and educator, I am grateful to explore these technology tools in order help educate my own daughter as well as my students. I am excited to start this technology journey and dive deeper into the existing tools, as well as deepen my understanding and practice to benefit student learning.  Thank you for reading my blog!


Published by Kola

I am a response teacher in Regina, Saskatchewan on Treaty 4 Territory.

8 thoughts on “Major Project Ideas- WeVideo Classroom

  1. I have been looking for a way to get students to incorporate video and voice in their work for me so I am excited to see what your WeVideo Classroom investigation shows. The change in what average students can turn out as a finished product has changed so much over the course of my career, it is about time that I catch up/keep up with them!

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  2. Jeff and I worked on some collaborations during supplemental learning. It was a great way for teachers and students to be able to access a variety of learning opportunities. It can be complex for sure, however after awhile we got the hang of it and kept our videos simple.


  3. I like this idea and I enjoy the passion you have for the new learning that you are doing. We have worked on a few projects together while you had introduced me to technology. I realize its tough to combine Indigenous pedagogy with technology but its a way to teach others. Great job keep it up.

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  4. Hi Kola, don’t know if you remember me but we took a few classes together in our Bachelor of Ed days! I like your idea and used WeVideo myself consistently for remote learning. I am excited to see what the WeVideo Classroom adds to the platform. Nice to run into you again and look forward to seeing your project unfold!


  5. WeVideo is a great tool! Takes some getting used to at first but it is definitely a great educational tool – especially during remote/supplemental learning! Looking forward to watching your journey!


  6. Kola, thank you for your reference regarding the Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers. I like your point regarding how you are engaging with your students. This is a pivotal point because for me working with Early Learners with Technology means that it is essential that the students are engaged. To achieve high engagement with students and in particular Early Learners is by responding to student’s interests. I am very interested regarding how you will use the technology in your classroom to promote deeper learning. You have me hooked!


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