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First Post

Welcome to my first blog post. I am excited to venture into the world of technology. I feel very overwhelmed venturing into the tech world. However, I know this will be a valuable learning curve and very beneficial to my professional development.

I have always found that being connected to the land has helped me heal throughout my journey.  This journey has come full circle, connecting me to my identity.  My worldview is shifting and continually changing, evolving into a space that leaves me wondering, earning, and striving for more.  I believe there is power in the connection between knowledge and spirit.

Here is one of my favorite quotes by an inspiring educator, Willie Ermine. I have had the honor of taking a class with him and meeting him this past summer. I am been blessed to have learned from him during my Masters of Indigenous Education.

Drawing on Ermine’s philosophy, I believe we can create these opportunities that connect and give language to the children within our outdoor learning environments (and even perhaps in the classroom), then perhaps we can create an interconnectedness that not only encourages belonging but allows it to flourish. This is re-engagement.

I am excited about how I can grow and develop skills to help connect media literacies with land-based pedagogies. As they continue to ground me, I share these reflections as I deepen my understanding of Digital Citizenship and Media Literacies this semester in EC&I 832 with Dr. Alec Couros.


Published by Kola

I am a response teacher in Regina, Saskatchewan on Treaty 4 Territory.

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